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Woodworking Tools Lussault

The company LUSSAULT which was created in 1865 has become the first woodworking tools manufacturer in France with more than 100 000 swing chisels and 15 000 woodturning tools produced. Lussault exports half of its production and has customers in all the continents: Canada, USA, Australia, Russia, etc...

Our Swing Chisels and our wood turning tools have a reputation for high quality.

Main tenant Bédane


The Tools LUSSAULT are produced in Tiffauges in Vendée:

Gamme de bédanes
Swing chisels
Outils de tour LUSSAULT
Wood turning tools
Couteau ébavureur PVC
Deburring knife for plastic components
Couteaux écorceurs
Tenon cutters
Couteaux Araseurs
Tenon cutters
Lames de Rabot
Plane blades
Lames pour extrudeuses
Cutters for extruder machines
Outil Coquille
Rough Tools
Matrice de découpe
Cutting Matrix
Outils sur mesure
Tailor - made tools
Repastillage et réparation
Retiping and repair service

We can also produce tailor - made tools and sharpen and retipe your tools.

CNC machining

LUSSAULT MECARIA is a key company for CNC machining in the region Pays de la Loire: we offer our customers a wide range of services in the field of CNC machining, mechanised welding, surface treatment and assembly on different materials such as plastic (PA6, POM, PEHD), stainless steel, aluminium, brass, inconel, tungsten and other special steels.

We work for different sectors: food industry, special machines, industrial piping, robotics, transport, tooling.

We produce unit parts, small and medium - size series.

Pièces usinées


The history of LUSSAULT

Lussault - Photo Harrieta171
The company LUSSAULT was founded in 1865 1865 par M. Gabriel LUSSAULT et fabriquait des horloges d’édifices. Dans les années 1970, l’entreprise ouvre successivement un département d’outillage pour le tournage et le mortaisage du bois et un département de sous-traitance en usinage mécanique. Tous les détails sur notre CNC machining department.. De notre passé horloger, nous avons gardé le goût de la précision. Découvrez the history of LUSSAULT..

Main facilities

13 tours CN (diamètre maxi 700 sur longueur 3125mm)
10 3-axis and 5-axis machining centers (maximum dimensions of the parts: 1500 x 762 x 560 mm)
Wire electric discharge machine
Other machines: hydraulic press, FARO arm, measuring column MITUTOYO.

Nous sommes équipés d’une GPAO de dernière génération CLIPPER ainsi que d’une CFAO TOPSOLID V7.

Our team

Our team is made of skilled staff and is able to meet all your requirements.


We always look for skilled people who share our values and who like the job to be well done.

Vacant jobs:
Skilled numeric control machine operators .
Trained numeric control machine operator