Cutters for Tools handles


LUSSAULT is the French tooling leader for woodworking machines
The speciality of LUSSAULT is to propose tools which are the most durable on the market.

This tool which is unique on the market for woodturning enables you to make accurate tool handles and it strengthens the reproductibility of your production.

Ask us for a quotation to get a price: our tools are tailor- made.

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  • On which machine do you want to mount this tool (brand, type, number of cutters)
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The philosophy of LUSSAULT is to offer the best durability of the market and therefore to reduce the overall using cost of the tools.
Our tools are made upon request and our teams can accurately meet the customer's requirements.
With more than 100 000 oscillating chisels sold, LUSSAULT has an unmatched history and it enables us to make the best cutting angles.
The steels and the heat treatments used by LUSSAULT have been chosen to offer the best quality available nowadays.
Our teams can also sharpen and retip your tools so that you can use them longer.

4 weeks (transport not included)

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Cutters for Tools handles